Role of Electricians When Rebuilding Your Home after Natural Disasters

Published on: 15:06 21st November 2012

Natural disasters are very sad things that occur in the lives of human beings. They usually cause a lot of damage to the house and most of the time homeowners have to rebuild the house again if they want to live comfortably. This usually involves a lot of time and resources thus it needs to be approached with a lot of caution to be done right. When thinking about contractors, you should also think about finding a professional electrician to be present before the rebuilding process begins. Having an electrician present is very beneficial and some of the reasons for this include:

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When to call an electrician

Published on: 10:57 22nd February 2012

Did you know that since new regulations were introduced in 2005, it has been mandatory for an approved electrician to carry out all domestic electrical work.It is no longer permissible for home owners to do their own electrical work, even if they are technically able.

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